Eyelash Extensions






No more mascara needed! Our fast  eyelash extensions are individually and carefully placed to merge with your eyelashes creating a look that’s meant for a queen like you! You can choose from our signature 30-minute Lady or Princess sets or opt for more drama with our Dutchess and Queen Bee lashes.



So you want the perfect brows but hate the time and effort you spend on them? Microblading can last from 1-3 years making it more cost efficient than buying expensive brow makeup that you have to do every single day. Our microblading services will make sure that you wake up with the perfect brows everyday!

* All lash looks are determined by the length of your appointment and the number of natural lashes you have

  • What are all the services you provide?

    • Lash extensions

    • Classic; 1 extension to 1 natural lashes

    • Volume; 2 to 6 light-weight lashes made into a fan places on one natural lash

    • Eyebrow and Eyelash tinting

    • Feather Brows Microblading

    • Facial Waxing

  • What’s the difference between the sets?

    • Classic (8mm - 15mm) - 1 extension to 1 natural lash.

    • Volume (8mm - 15mm) - 2 - 6 light weight extensions to 1 natural lash.(hand made fans)

      • Lady (30 Minutes)

      • Princess (60 Minutes)

      • Duchess (1.5 Hours) 

      • Queen B (2 Hours) 

    • We do everything by time, ultimately the longer you sit the more lashes you'll have applied, creating a fuller or less full look.

  • How often do I need a fill?

    • You lose between 2 - 4 lashes per day per eye.

    • Get a refill between 2 - 3 weeks depending on how many natural lashes you have.

  • How I do remove my lashes?

    • We recommend scheduling an appointment to have them removed professionally to avoid injuring yourself or pulling out your lashes.

    • Another option includes letting them grow off naturally.

  • Are these going to damage my natural lashes?

    • Not if it’s done by a licensed, trained professional. One extension should go on one natural lash, which allows your natural lashes to grow naturally.

    • Signs of damage:

      • Consistent itching

      • Soreness

  • Can I put my mascara on my lash extensions?

    • Mascara will shorten the lifespan of your lashes and will clump your lashes.

    • It is not recommended. If you feel like you need to put on mascara, consider getting a fuller set.

  • What kind of customization can I get?

    • Choose color; black, different shades of brown, blonde, any color of rainbow

    • Choose length; we mix at least 3 lengths to get a natural look and only use 8mm-14mm

    • Choose curl type; B,C, AND D

    • Choose dimension (how many dimensions do you want on a lash extension?)

      • For volume only, 2 dimensions or 2D is equal to 2 lashes per fan and you can get up to 6D

    • Choose shape

  • Do we do mink lashes?

    • Mink lashes are just a kind of lash, not the actual service.

    • We choose not to use mink lashes because they lose curl after a while, like any natural hair fiber.

    • We do use light-weight synthetics that mimic mink lashes.

  • Where can I see pictures?

    • We have some online, however if you are on your cell phone you won’t be able to see the names of the sets.

    • We have hashtags on Instagram which is @TheLashQueens and there a link on the website that leads you to the Instagram page.

      • #TlqLadyClassic

      • #TlqLadyVolume

      • #TlqPrincessClassic

      • #TlqPrincessVolume

      • #TlqDuchessClassic

      • #TlqDuchessVolume

      • #TlqQueenBeeClassic

      • #TlqQueenBeeVolume

  • How do i take care of my lashes?

    • Do not get your lashes wet for the first 12-24 hours.

    • After showering or getting them wet be sure to dry the lashes off.

    • Use only water-based makeup & makeup remover. NO OILS!

    • Using mascara shortens the life of your lashes, avoid if possible. If you must use oil free mascara.

    • Mascara should not be used with volume lashes. It closes the fans.

    • Avoid rubbing, picking & plucking your eyelashes, this damages your natural lashes.

    • Please see your Lash Queen to have them removed properly if needed.

    • To extend the life of your lashes we ask that you come in for re-fills every 2-3 weeks.

  • How Do I Care For My New Brows?

    • Avoid getting them wet during the initial 5-7 days.

    • Avoid exfoliating during the healing process. Apply after-care products recommended by us.

  • How many treatments will be required?

    • In most cases only the first treatment, followed by a touch up 30-45 after, is required.

    • In rare cases you may require 1 or 2 more treatments. *This is expected if you have build up of dead skin cells which can inhibit the pigment from taking to your skin. Regular exfoliating helps prevent the build- up of dead skin cells.

  • What can I expect when i arrive to my appointment?

    • You will be given a consent form to sign then you will relax on one of our comfortable beds while your feather brows expert outlines your new brows to the shape of your liking. Next a color a consultation will take place. After your artist will “clean up” your brows, removing any unwanted hairs and apply anesthetic cream to the area to minimize discomfort. An ointment is applied afterward to assist with the healing process.

    • The process takes about 2 hours total. Most of that time is dedicated to the shaping process to make sure you are completely satisfied with the shape. The actual microblading only takes about 30 minutes.

  • Will it look natural?

    • Yes, Feather Brows looks as if you grew hair. Immediately after the color will appear darker,

    • It will lighten within the first 7-14 days.

    • You can lose 50-60% of color density during the healing process.