This advanced eye lash extension course introduces handmade 3D-6D eyelash extension. Volume lashes makes lash extensions fuller faster and can even last longer. Take your lash extension career to the next level with this advanced technique.

Volume Lash Extension Course $750

Payment Options
  • $750 Tuition Includes:

    •1 day training (8 hours)

    •Course Manual




    Theory 11am-7pm:

    •History of Lash Extensions

    •Types of Extensions

    •Lash Clients


    •Eyelash Function

    •Eyelash Growth

    •Lash Curls, Weights and Lengths

    •Lash Selection

    •Adhesive Knowledge

    •Demonstration of Technique

    •Fill Ins

    •Tricks of the Trade


    •Hands On


    Kit Includes:

    2 Volume Lash Trays

    1 Glue

    1 Remover

    5 Glue Rings

    1 Pair of tweezers

    Gel Pads

    Mascara Wands

    Micro pore Brushes

    Felt Lip Brushes

    Micro pore tape