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Lash Curriculum Includes:

History & Definition of Eyelash Extensions    

Natural Eyelash Function    

Eyelash Growth Stages    

Tools & Supplies    

Types of Eyelash Extensions    

Benefits of 1-to-1, Individual Eyelash Extensions    

Specialty Lashes    

Types of Eyelash Extension Clients    


Sanitation & Safety    

Getting Started    

Basic Lash Curls and Thicknesses    

Proper Lash Selection    

Natural Lash Direction    

Styling and Design    

Eyelash Mapping    

Eye Shapes   

Eye Pads   

Eyelash Adhesives   

Lash Cleaning   

Application Steps   

Retention Tips   

Career Strategies/Marketing    

Consent Forms

Client Charting   



Volume Introduction

Lash Application Ebook

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