Introducing Microblading, the hottest trend in the eyebrow and cosmetic industry.


Microblading allows you to offer your clients full and natural eyebrows that can last up to 2 years.


$1,500 Tuition Includes the following, WORTH OVER $3000!!!:

• 2-day training (15+ hours)

•Course Manual




Course Curriculum:

Day 1 Theory 10am-6pm:

•History of Feather Brows

•Structure and Composition of Skin

•Pigment Mixing/ Color Theory

•Feathering Methods

•Needle Differences

•Demonstration of Technique

•Work on Practice Skin

•Preliminary Brow Sketching


Day 2 Practical Noon-6pm:


•How to Offer the Client the Best Results

•Eyebrow Measuring and Shaping

•Work Photography


•Supervision and Correction of Execution with Detailed Feedback

•Individual Time with Course Director

•Resolution of Possible Unsuccessful Work


Kit Includes:

1 Case

1 Ruler

20 Pigment Cups

1 Pigment Cup Holder

1 Feathering Pen

1 Black Brow Pencils

1 Brown Brow Pencil

20 Needles

1 oz Numbing Cream

15 Micro Pore Brushes

50 Mascara Wands

2 Practice Skins

6 Pigments


Microblading Course November 13-15 $1500 (Class Deposit)

  • Why choose to be Microblading certified?


    The Microblading team is committed to producing knowledgeable and skilled individuals for the permanent cosmetic industry. Thus, our manuals are clear and vivid. All courses include a mentorship, in which we are always able to be contacted and students are always able to visit with us for further questions, critiques, and understudying. We provide tips to ensure students longevity and success within this industry. Lastly, Microblading offers positions within our company to ensure steady growth and quality within the industry.